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Probation | Parole


Have you been sentenced to Supervised or Unsupervised Probation? There are many cases where individuals are sentenced to a term of probation. 


Probation can be at best an inconvenience, at worst it can be a significant burden both time wise and financially. From weekly meetings to the daily cost of being on Supervised Probation, it can be quite the hassle.


Often times it is possible to get Supervised Probation reduced to Unsupervised Probation or it may even be possible to get a Probation sentence dismissed all together.


If you have been sentenced to Probation and are looking to move on with your life you need an experienced attorney who can examine the details of your case and draft the proper motions to have your sentence reconsidered. At Rosenheim Law I have been defending the interests of my clients for over 25 years. If you are in the Boise, ID area and need assistance in having your Probation sentence reduced, click or call to schedule your free, no obligation consultation!